Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sounds of Summer

The first time I went to Coney Island, my brother and I ran directly into the water. My Dad warned us not to because we didn't have anything dry to change back into for our drive back home. Oh and learn.  Since that day, the sound of crashing waves have always been soothing for me and has lured me back to Coney Island many times. 

I couldn't wait to take Hannah to Coney Island. There are so many sounds for her to soak up. The Cyclone as it roars through the sky, the ort oct of the seals, the music coming out of the boom boxes, the laughter, the wind blowing off the ocean. As we strolled down the boardwalk, Hannah was already sitting at the edge of her stroller, greeting the world with her amazing smile. The whole world is now hers to dream, to explore, to hear. 

This past Monday, my parents were also able to joined our escapades. One of the highlights was Miss Hannah going on her first rides. BY HERSELF. I can't take how quickly she is growing up and how independent she is becoming. I love how free-spirited and fun Hannah is and I love watching her soak up life. Next year, I'm predicting she'll sit in the front row of The Cyclone. 

After the rides, we hit up the beach. Hannah is slowing building up her feel for the sand under her feet. For a city girl, pavement is more her speed. 

We also went for lunch at L&B Spumoni Gardens for their famous pizza. I goofed by not ordering the "square" pizza and opted for the traditional round pie. It was so mouth-watering delicious. Hannah had a few bites and judging by her smile, we'll be back for the square pie. After, we indulged in the Pistachio Spumoni which was pretty spectacular. 

This is Hannah's first summer where she can actually hear all the sounds. Her smiles tell it all, she is loving them. My Dad's photos below capture it all.


  1. Hannah's Coney Island adventure was especially wonderful for me. Hannah loves every new thing she tries and she delights in all the sights and sounds that are new in her life.

    Her independence and determination to do every thing herself certainly reminds me of a little girl who rushed into the water with her little brother many years ago.

    It also reminded me of the time my own parents took me to Coney Island. It was a dream come true for me. I still remember it to this day.

    No, Hannah will not be going on the Cyclone next year. (Grandma speaking).

  2. Dear Hannah,

    What an awesome day it was. I havent been to Coney Island in over 30 years and it was wonderful seeing the change. It was wonderful remembering taking your Mom and Uncle Josh to the Aquarium and beach just as we took you.

    It was wonderful seeing your face glow on the rides, many on your very own for the first time.

    I laughed reading Grandma's comment about the Cyclone.

    So Hannah, dear, it was a wonderful day for sure and knowing your fell asleep as soon as the car door closed to go home let us know your day was both full and complete.


    PS, your Mom fell asleep too (she always did in the car after a full day doing something outdoors.)