Thursday, August 4, 2011

The hearing aids

At 10 weeks old, Hannah received her first hearing aids. She has her own pair of binaural Phonak Naida S V Up behind the ear hearing aids. I was terrified. I just couldn't see my little baby with these hearing devices on her tiny head. We sat with Anita, her audiologist at the Center, who explained all about the hearing aids, how they work, how to troubleshoot them and how to put them on. Once they were on , Hannah was calm but was much more alert. I called out to her, calling out her name and she looked up at me. It was just amazing to see that reaction. It was like pulling off a band-aid.
Once her new "ears" were on, Michael and I went for lunch. She was still our little sweetie pie, happy as could be. We kept looking at Hannah to see if she noticed any of the noises coming out of downtown Manhattan. It was just really hard to tell, but we were hopeful.
After lunch, we met with Lois Heymann for a therapy session. A lot of family and friends wondered what a speech and language therapy session would be like for a two-and-a-half month old. We wondered ourselves. Lois explained the session were intended for Hannah to turn to sound and eventually have meaning to that sound. Lois used a push toy that had tiny balls that twirled around. Hannah really enjoyed this, especially the knob on top. Tasty. After, Michael rubbed Hannah's belly, saying Mmmmmm. When he stopped, Hannah used her voice to indicate she liked it and Michael continued. Eventually, Hannah tired out and we got the chance to talk to Lois. It was like a therapy session for the parents as Hannah dozed the afternoon away.