Monday, July 16, 2012

Sing Me A Song

Hannah has been wearing her Cochlear Implants on the right ear for nearly four months and on the left for about three months. It's hard to believe how quickly time passes by and how many new sounds Hannah is now producing. We marvel at each one and are so proud of how hard our little girl is working.

Hannah's first word was "UP" and we were so thrilled when she would say it. Everything was up. When Michael came home at night, he was greeted by Hannah calling him "UP". But now she is using it with meaning. For instance, when she sees monkeys playing she points to them and says "UP", when a toy falls down she tells Mommy and Daddy "UP" and when she is done eating she says "UP" to come up and out of the high chair. Some other words she is now using with meaning is "OPEN" or "Ohh-p" which is exciting because it's two syllables. When doors and elevators need to be opened, Hannah lets us know what she wants. Hannah is also waving and saying "BYE-BYE".

Hannah is also babbling much more. Sounds like "MAMAMAMAMA", "BABABABABA",  "DADADADADA" and "RARARARARA" are part of her everyday talk. It sounds so much like she's excited to share a story about her day with us. It's just wonderful to hear her sweet voice.

One of the most exciting things Michael and I heard over the weekend was Hannah singing a song. There is a "Hello" song she has been hearing in her therapy sessions that goes something like this: "Hello Hannah, Hello Hannah, Hello Hannah, Hello and How Are You?" There is the same pattern with a "Good Bye" song as well. On Friday morning, I brought Hannah over to her stuffed animal collection from The Central Park Zoo to say Good Morning to them. She carried it with her to get her diaper changed and started to sing the song in her babble voice to the spotted leopard she grabbed. It was just amazing and she's been singing the song all weekend long.

Hannah also took a hearing test at Friday. She did great in the hearing booth, turning when she heard the sounds to the drumming panda much like she did when she was activated with her CI's. Her hearing took a slight dip in the higher frequencies. She now has hearing ranging from 15 to 35 decibels. Her programs were readjusted and hopefully we will start to see the "EEEE" and "SHHHH" sound emerge. Her next hearing test is Sept. 14.

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  1. Every time I see Hannah, she's accomplished something new. I love to see her walk and say all the words in her vocabulary. I know that the next time I see her there will be a new milestone in her life.

    Hannah you're Grandma's beautiful itsy, bitsy spider.