Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Group Therapy

Hannah's already busy schedule just got even busier this summer. In addition to her 4 hours of individual therapy a week at both CHC and NYEE, Hannah takes part in a group session at CHC twice a week with 5-7 hearing impaired children her age. Our first session was today with Fara, who is her individual speech therapist, and Anita, her audiologist when she was wearing hearing aids. The group was a lot of fun, they sang songs, played with blocks and Hannah's personal favorite, shook things up with a parachute. The goal of these group sessions is to teach the children how to listen in noisy environments and listen to their peers. Since so much of Hannah's therapy involves one-on-one with an adult, the group is a fun change. Hannah seemed to enjoy the new atmosphere and she was able to keep her focus on the activity in the noisy environment.

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  1. Hannah's progress is amazing. She's so friendly, motivated, and determined, not to mention having the greatest parents in the world to guide her each day. Love you all.