Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day was extra special to me this year. It was my first Mother's Day with my precious little angel Hannah Rose. I can't lie and say I downplayed this holiday. Just the opposite. I had plans, big plans of marking this special occasion. I was super excited about my first Mother's Day and I needed the entire weekend to celebrate and do something special with Hannah and Michael. I've been Hannah's mom for almost a year and although my rookie year is almost over, I just love this little girl to bits. Being Hannah's mom has been a pure joy. She is the most amazing little girl I've ever known and being Hannah's mom is such an honor. She is one special little lady.

To kick the weekend off, we took the subway to Brooklyn and visited the New York Aquarium and Coney Island. Michael and I went to Coney Island pre-Hannah and I just love the carnival-like atmosphere. From the aquatic life to the taste of Nathan fries, I was sure Hannah's senses would love it just as much. 

Hannah and I at New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium was filled with lots of new sounds and sights for Hannah and it was exciting just to see her discover the world around her. She came face-to-face with sharks and turtles and got to enjoy a show with sea lions.

Afterward the Aquarium, we walked around and took Hannah to some of Coney Island's famous scenes.

 Hannah got a new stuffed animal, this one a colorful frog we named Andy. I think she likes him.

On Sunday, we enjoyed brunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Fishtail. We went to this restaurant last year for Mother's Day, which was two days before my due date. It was a thrill to now have Hannah join us. We enjoyed the lobster and Hannah was "forced to eat chocolate cheesecake lollipops.

 We ended the day at Central Park, testing out the grass. All in all it was a pretty perfect weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grandparents Day at CHC

Wednesday, May 2, was Grandparents day at the Center for Communication and Hearing.   It was a delightful and educational day for me.
Hannah is so at home here.   When she arrived she was the center of everyone attention.   She seems to know everyone there and she loves the doting that's bestowed upon her .   I feel so comfortable that this environment was so welcoming to her.
First we went to her therapy session with Farrah.   Farrah is a wonderful therapist who seems to know Hannah very well.   First Hannah waved her hand at Farrah, then she looked at Mommy and to my delight,  Farrah said "Say hello to Grandma", Hannah looked at me and waved and blew her awesome kisses.   Hannah's go to word right now is"up"and she usually uses it appropriately, especially when something is dropped on the floor.   She's learning words, such as in, out, open, shut, push.   She played with a doll and we all sang la la la as the baby was rocked and put to sleep.   She's learning the Shhhhh sound.and the ooo sound.   Hannah has quite a long attention span.   She played with us for about forty minutes without showing any crankiness.   Farrah shut the lights to demonstrate the shhhh sound.   This did not frighten Hannah at all.   In fact she looked at me in the dark, smiled , and waved like the Queen of England.   I don't mean to sound grandmotherly, but I think she's gifted.
After about forty minutes, Laurie Hanin, the executive director of CHC had me come out and observe the rest of Hannah's therapy session through a one way mirror.   Laurie talked about the progress that Hannah was making.   She told me that her development is equal to any other eleven month old.   She told me that she will definitely be main streamed in whatever school setting Jennifer and Michael choose for her.
Hannah is a star.   She's making wonderful progress.  
After my session with Laurie, I had my own hearing test.   By some fluke I passed, which is strange because I'm often told by people that I don't listen.   And these are the people who love me the most.
Next I took a tour of the facility with Nancy Nadler,  Director of Development.   There are not only programs for children Hannah's age, but there are also programs for school age children, adolescents, teenagers and adults.  We went to audiology rooms which were designed to make children feel at ease and not intimidated.   There was a simulated living space where people with hearing loss can learn to adapt to their own living environment.   I was especially impressed with a room that was designed by an architect and a sound engineer  to help people with hearing devices adapt to such settings as a noisy restaurant, an office or a sporting event.
Grandparents Day last spring in Central Park

I feel very reassured that Hannah is in such a wonderful environment with caring and highly professional people.  I'm writing this on Jennifer's blog for Mom mom and Pop pop who are in Florida, and for Grandpa who is recovering from hip replacement surgery.   You were all in my thoughts so I share this with you.