Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wish You Were Here

We have been busy visiting Michael's parents and soaking up the Florida sunshine. Hannah had a wonderful visit with her Mom mom and Pop pop, had a few milestone occasions and even got to feed a giraffe. I'll share more about our trip in the next post, but I wanted to share a letter Hannah's Mom mom and Pop pop wrote to her just before we left.

Dear Hannah,

You are our very special little gift from heaven with the sweetest disposition. We are so glad you are in our family so that we can give you oceans of love. For such a little one you seem to have a lot on your plate right now. But we are so convinced that your mommy & daddy have researched your surgery to the fullest and have come up with the right plan for you. As Feb 29th gets closer we will all share in your anxiety with good wishes and prayers. You are so loved. Your daddy is our baby and here you are “our Hannah Rose” ready to take on the world. Big hugs & kisses to your mommy who keeps us in the loop with your agenda. WE LOVE HANGING WITH HANNAH ROSE.

We’re so excited about your coming to visit us in Florida. We have a Pack N Play and high chair ready for you. The weather will be perfect – sunshine and warm. We hear you are crawling, or as your Daddy say more like swimming. We will have to Hannahproof our condo.

Hannah, me and Mom mom

It will be such an exciting time for you too. Your 1st jet plane ride, maybe a dip in the Atlantic and one of pop pop’s famous breakfasts. We have a picture of you in your high chair on our refrig, so we have breakfast together every morning.

Looking forward to Saturday. Happy Valentine's Day.


Mom mom & Pop pop

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