Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Are Ready

Tomorrow morning we will be checking Hannah into the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary around 6 am for her bilateral cochlear ear implant surgery. She will be 9 months and 9 days. When I was pregnant for 9 months, merrily picking out all of her baby items and dreaming about how I would be enjoying the days with my new baby, never did a five-hour surgery ever come into play. It will be a long, long tough day for us, followed by lots and lots of hard work but we will also enjoy many milestones and exciting days

Fortunately, Hannah isn't sick and this surgery will give Hannah the very best opportunity to do everything she wants to do. I often think what Hannah's life would be like if it weren't for cochlear implants, what are life for our family would be like. It certainly would be a whole lot different than the one she has to look forward to.

We are so lucky we live in this time when this miracle is available and Hannah will only know that she can hear, that she can sing and dance and be like every other child. We made certain Hannah is under the best care with her team at NYEE - Dr. Alexiades, her audiologist Megan and her speech therapist Liz as well as Jessica at CHC and her little friends and teachers at The Clarke School.

We were also reminded this week just how loved Hannah is by her family and friends. She has an entire nation of people rooting for her. Thank you all for your calls, emails, texts and cards. They are deeply appreciated and we will read them to her very soon. I know she will love to hear from you.

Tonight we carefully packed up her softed pajamas (she can't put on anything over her head for now) and her favorite stuffed animals - her puppy Murray, her kitty Lila, her monkey and of course Elmo to help in her recovery.

I just hope and pray Hannah can feel our love and spirit and that will ease any pain and give you comfort. I also hope and pray Hannah's beautiful smile and laughter will wash away any anxiety when we see her.

This time tomorrow we will be done but we have to get through the day. It is a milestone day, but it will be a tough one. Today is just Day 1, a moment of her life and the very start of amazing things in her life.


  1. Hannah...
    I'm so happy to have heard everything went well today. Uncle Fred, your cousins Patrick, Lindsay, Sean, Daniel and of course I was doing the hooray for Hannah dance! I was thinking about you every minute and sending my positive thoughts your way. I want you to know you have the best parents in the whole world who love you more than anything.
    Love, Hugs and Kisses,
    Aunt Kathy

  2. Dearest Hannah,

    Before your surgery you were the most amazing child in the world. Can it possibly be better than that.
    Hannah you came through your surgery like the strong and resilient little girl you are. With the help of your super parents you're going to shine in everything you do.
    A whole new world of sound will be opening up to you very shortly. You'll hear all the signs of spring soon, the birds singing, the ducks quacking and all your friends in the petting zoo in Central Park will be waiting for you.
    You'll hear music, listen to books and stories, and hear the sound of the bat as a great Yankee hits a home run at the stadium.
    I love you more than I thought I ever could.
    Grandma Rainie of the Hannah Nation