Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grandma's Day With Hannah

On Valentine's Day, Hannah had an extra special treat. Her Grandma came in to spend the day with her cutie pie.

I woke up really early today. I haven't gotten out of the house this early in seven years. But today was a special day for me. I was going to spend it with my precious Hannah.
The first part of the day was the most important and the most rewarding to me. We went to New York Eye and Ear for Hannah' speech therapy. I met Liz, Hannah's speech therapist. Hannah is quite a lucky girl to have someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as Liz. She will teach her to listen and speak. I have no doubt that in Liz's capable hands Hannah will excel in all she is learning.
Whatever is taught during Liz's sessions is reinforced at home by Jennifer and Michael. It just wouldn't work without their hard work as well. I'm just so happy that Liz included me in Hannah's activities today. I'm just one of many people who will be spending time with Hannah and I want to make sure that I can be helpful.

Hannah can say "Ahhh" for airplane and eat the wing(s).

The physical environment at the therapy session is full of color and motivational toys geared to any child, but particularly the hearing impaired. Hannah's favorite was a drum that opened and was filled with various toys. In order for the drum to be opened Hannah had to bang on it. Liz would bang on the drum at the same time as saying "Bang, Bang" My little genius would do the same thing, bang on the drum. Then she knew that it was time to open it. She heard the word "open", and the drum was finally opened much to Hannah's delight. Her favorite toy was a sailboat. So she is learning things sequentially, first she has to bang on the drum and then it can be opened. She understands the word "up". If she throws something on the floor she knows to make a sound like up. "Up" also means she can stand up, not on her own, but she does push herself up. She also can understand the word "hi". She waves her hands and makes a sound that will one day be "hi"
Liz said that I have a high pitched voice that Hannah may have trouble hearing now. I was kind of disappointed to hear this, but I'll keep talking to her anyway. She said that my voice will register much better after her surgery.
After Hannah's exhaustive session, we went shopping for clothing for Hannah's trip to Florida to see Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop. I'll miss her when she's gone but I'll look forward to seeing her when she's back.
We had lunch at Alice's Tea Cup where Hannah was the Bell of the Ball. We shared the Mad Hatter and Hannah got to enjoy a special Valentine's Day cookie.

Each minute I spend with Hannah is the the most wonderful in the world. She is what life is all about.


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