Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Last Wednesday, Michael was able to attend one of Hannah's therapy sessions. We were lucky enough to have Liz available in the evening so her Daddy could see how hard his little girl is working. Hannah started her therapy session a few minutes before Michael got there so Liz had him knock at the door. When Hannah turned to see him, she was at first slightly confused to see him at her place of work, but quickly enjoyed showing off to her Daddy.

Daddy's little girl.

Liz told us that Michael's deep voice would be easier for Hannah to hear. It's upsetting to know that your little girl can't hear you sing to her, talk to her as clearly as you hoped, but soon enough her cochlear implants will hopefully change all of that.
We again worked with the surprise drum that had the six different "learning to listen" sounds - the ball, the baby doll, Sophie, the boat, the dog and the cow. When she reached for the boat, Liz said, "Toot" to Hannah and eventually we heard a new sound from Hannah. She gave us an "oooo" when she was playing with the boat. It was a very exciting moment indeed.
Hannah also played with a sing-a-long piano like the one below. After we LaLaLa'd along with some of the familiar songs, Hannah began to explore the toy. Michael talked aloud as if he were Hannah, which Liz really liked. She said by talking to Hannah using words and sentences as if she were the one doing the talking would expand her vocabulary by introducing lots and lots of descriptive words.
Hannah's musical piano.

It was so so great having Michael attend Hannah's therapy session. Hannah's sessions are during the day which make it difficult for Michael to attend them a consistent basis. He works long hours each week, working hard to make sure we have everything our family needs. I know how much he's looking forward to hearing Hannah call out Daddy and explaining to her the virtues of The Grateful Dead and The Yankees!


  1. I know that every minute that Michael spends with Hannah is precious. You can tell by the look in Hannah's eyes when she sees him
    She's a lucky little girl to have such a Daddy.

  2. Wow, little Hanna is such a cutie! I believe that she will prevail! With such loving parents and progressive therapy, how can she not?
    Mitch and I are watching!