Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Touch of Summer

Yesterday was a busy day in the life of young Miss Hannah Rose. We had a speech therapy appointment with Liz in the morning. Hannah was a wee bit more vocal. When she put a soft baseball in her mouth she made a bw-bw-bw sound. She is really trying to say she can't wait to see her first Yankee game this summer. She also made two requests, saying the uhh (up) when toys were dropped. After the session with Liz, Hannah and I picked out the pretty colors for her Neptune device. The Neptunes come with A LOT of equipment so we got to pick out lots of fun colors she can wear both everyday and in the water. I'm so excited that I'm looking into signing her up for swim lessons. Later on, we saw Dr. Alexiades for Hannah's post-op check-up and she's looking great. Although she slept through it, Dr. Alexiades said her swelling is gone and the incisions look great. He said we should follow-up with him a week after her activation.

Finally it was time to enjoy the 70 degree afternoon. Hannah was a trooper all morning so we headed to the park. She went on the swings and she was all smiles, enjoying the warm sun on her face and the wind in her hair.
Jacket off. It's 70 degrees and the swings are just fine.

It reminded me of all the sounds Hannah will be hearing this summer.

*The crack of the bat at Yankee Stadium
*The ice cream truck
*Water splashing
*Waves crashing
*Salsa music
*Children screaming as they get out of school
*Birds chirping
*Bees buzzing
*Summer Stage concerts
*Fireworks booming
*Marching bands
*Her friends and family singing Happy Birthday

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  1. I'm so glad everything is coming along so nicely with Hannah.
    Soon everything will be a brand new experience.
    Don't forget she'll be hearing Sam meowing, hearing the words of her favorite books and hearing the words and melodies of her favorite songs.
    Music class will be an amazing experience for Hannah. Her whole world of hearing will be beginning
    Will she like The Boss? Mozart? The Greatful Dead? Maybe Justin Bieber? All these choices will be hers.