Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Sounds

Dear Hannah,

We hope you are busy and happy with Sam, your toys, your schedule of therapy and wonderful walks in the park. March 22nd is almost here - but not nearly fast enough. We think of all the things special to that day – like it’s the beginning of Spring – there will be a New Moon on that day - and best of all it is the day you will have the wonderful joy of sound again. Remember that we love you and our prayers are always with you (That goes for your mommy & daddy too. Hannah, you have terrific parents.)

We cannot be with you tomorrow, but we will ask your mommy & daddy to give you an extra big hug and kiss for us. March 22nd – What a Wonderful Day!

Love & Kisses

Mom Mom & Pop Pop

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  1. March 22, 2012

    To add to Marge and Les's beautiful and heartfelt note, I'd like to add that the day is done and the procedure went perfectly according to plan and hopes and this special child likely heard her mother's and father's voices for the first time. How amazingly wonderful and awesome is that?

    Today is the first of many firsts for her. Today is the beginning of a journey filled with many things and now in glorious sound surround.

    We've all waited for this day. For 10 months we've waited and the magic has begun.

    To Jennifer and Michael, we wish you everything sweet and beautiful with your precious little girl. You are amazing parents and just what the doctor ordered for Hannah.

    Jennifer, hopefully some of the stress and tension will ebb. I hope for your sake you get some well needed and well deserved rest and sleep. Actually, Michael I'm sure that goes for you as well.

    Hannah, can't wait to see your expressions learning the sounds, we all take for granted, become gifts and discoveries to your senses.

    Hugs and kisses,