Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Bliss

Yesterday was Jen's birthday, but it was also the most glorious day of the year, weather-wise, just as it was on the day Jen was born,
First we went to Alice's Teacup where we celebrated with a wonderful Mat Hatter lunch. Hannah was doing her thing, making friends with the wait staff and all the diners. She waved, cleared her throat for attention, and gave the Bronx Cheer for everyone to notice her and they did. She also did her endearing head move from side to side, almost saying "Look at me! I'm so adorable". The couple at the next table were trying to have a romantic lunch, but they couldn't resist Hannah's charms. Move over Mayor Mike, we now have Mayor Hannah on the horizon.
Next we went to the Central Park Zoo to visit Hannah's new friends, the penguins. Jen stood Hannah up against the glass so she could watch the swimming and cavorting of these fascinating creatures. At times she would try to touch the penguins through the glass. Hannah is a real animal lover, just like her parents. Next it was on to Gus, the Central Park Polar Bear. Gus is enormous and Hannah watched him swim back and forth. I think she thought the penguins were a little bit more manageable for her to watch.
After this, we went to Sprout, Hannah's favorite store. She bought some new dresses for the Spring. I think she liked them all. Next door to Sprout is a wonderful yogurt place. Hannah tasted some banana yogurt which must have felt great on her teething gums.
I had a great day with my two girls. I'm so proud of Jen and the woman she's become. She's faces all the challenges in her life with strength and dignity. Hannah couldn't be in better hands. I hope she grows up to be the strong woman that her Mom is.
Happy Birthday Jen. I love you!

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