Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mr. Met and AG Bell Fall Picnic

We spent this past weekend with oldish friends and new. We attended the New York Mets 6th annual Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Day at Citi Field presented by the Children's Hearing Institute. It was an awesome afternoon with amazing families from CHI as well as Hannah's fabulous speech therapist Liz. The sun was shining bright, the sky was a perfect blue and we enjoyed Shake Shack while sitting in the Delta Club. Hannah even got a lift by Mr. Met. In all there were about 900 hard of hearing kiddos from schools from all over attending the game and some even signed the National Anthem. It was really amazing and Hannah loved running around the stadium. 
The Children's Hearing Institute's Hear-o's and Mr. Met

Hannah with Mr. Met but I know she is looking at the Yankee score.

On Sunday, it was another beautiful day and we drove out to Hartsdale, New York to attend the New York chapter of AG Bell's picnic. We got to meet lots of new families with hearing impaired children, all at different stages along their hearing journeys. It was great to see all the bigger kids play together, running around the park, screaming and laughing with each other. We're so lucky to be part of such a group with supportive families and Hannah can grow up having a great mix of kids in her life.

We're very excited for next Sunday and the Walk4Hearing. Go Team Hannah!


  1. Those were two good events! I wish NJ had some gatherings like those. See you Sunday!

    1. There's an AG Bell picnic in NJ next. Can't wait to see you guys Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be nice! x!