Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food Attacks and Grandma's Birthday

Fall has unofficially begun in New York City and the sidewalks are alive again. What better way to explore the kingdom and learn a little bit more about its history than a food walking tour. That's exactly what we took Hannah on over the weekend. We joined Sidewalks of New York for a and Hannah really went to town, devouring all the tasty treat along the way, including bagel, pizza, cupcakes, cannolis and rice balls.

This rice ball is delicious. I'll take ten.
Hannah will make a great cannoli tester.

And if that wasn't enough, a few hours later, Hannah got her BBQ on at Neely's to celebrate her grandma's birthday. Grandma got a special birthday treat this week - a hug from Hannah. What can be better. Hannah developed a particularly close bond with my mom this summer over the Itsy Bitsy Spider, their theme song. My mom would sing it and as she did Hannah would mimic all the hand gestures. This week the song has changed to the Wheels on the Bus and Hannah likes to fill in the blanks with words. This week at speech, Hannah has been playing with figurines representing Grandma and Grandpa, which she is enjoying immensely. She even gave the toy Grandma and kiss.

Happy birthday Grandma! Love you!

 Hannah's third dessert of the day. Life is rough.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

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  1. This was my best birthday ever, because I spent it with my wonderful Hannah Rose. Every day I spend with Hannah is a special one, each one better than the one before. Now she knows who I am, when someone says Grandma, she looks at me. She gives me special hugs and finally there is someone who appreciates my singing. I love you Hannah, Thank you for all the wonderful times we share.