Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surgery Date

Today we met with Dr. Alexiades to schedule Hannah's surgery. We've been planning for this day for months and months through countless hours of speech therapy and doctor appointments. Hannah will be bilaterally implanted on February 29, 2012 at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. This means we will be implanting both of Hannah's ears on the same day. There are pros and cons to doing this surgery sequentially or simultaneously, but we are committed to implanting both her ears (as two ears are better than one) and would rather have Hannah undergo one surgery. Our dream is to have Hannah able to hear her family and friends sing Happy Birthday to her when she turns one in May.
We went over Hannah's cat scan images and learned there weren't anything structurally wrong with her cochlea. This means Dr. Alexiades can insert the implant without any strange twists and hopefully the surgery will be smooth sailing.
As much as I was anxiously awaiting to know her surgery date, it still felt like a huge tug at my heart. She's still our little girl, she hasn't even blown out the candles of her first birthday cake and we just signed a surgery waiver and shook hands with her surgeon.
Once outside, we gave our little girl an extra-long hug and I took her to enjoy the unusually warm January afternoon. We headed to the swings and met up with our friend Abby.
We have just under a month to prepare, which includes a pre-surgery get-away to sunny Florida to visit Mom-mom and Pop-pop. I'm sure it will be nice to relax a bit before the big day.


  1. Go Hannah! You are such a brave, beautiful little thing. Your sunny spirit will serve you so well these next few months. We love you!

  2. Hannah Rose..

    Uncle Fred & I had fun at your book fair on Sunday. We hope they raised alot of money. Uncle Fred especially loved the cookies and his first Shake Shack burger (or should I say burgers!)

    Mom and Dad must be so relieved to finally have your surgery scheduled. I'm sure they will be anxious over the next few weeks so give them alot of extra hugs and kisses. (Luckily you're one of the best huggers I know!) I know spending time with you will fills their days with laughter and love.

    I can't wait to see your school and play with you there. I'm working with on scheduling a date. :)

    Hugs, Kisses and Lots of Love from Aunt Kathy.

  3. Hi Hannah
    I'm so thrilled to read Mommy's blog about you.
    You're the bravest little girl I know. I know that your beautiful smile and fun loving ways will always be there for you.

    I'm looking forward to your surgery because this will let you listen to Grandma's wonderful voice. Not just singing to you, but telling you stories and reading you favorite books to you. You are the sunshine of my life, and everything that life is about. I love spending time with you whether it's baby sitting or going to the park with you. Shopping is fun too.

    I enjoy going to your therapy and seeing how smart you are. I know that you are a determined little girl who I hope to see as a determined and independent woman one day.

    All my love to you. xxxxoooo Grandma Rainie

  4. Dear Hannah,

    We've waited a long time to have your join our world, making us grandparents and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! You are a very special child, but all children are special. You are special to us. Your smile makes our entire day. Your voice makes us smile the rest of the day.

    We know this surgery is a scarey time for everyone but everyone is rooting for you. You are in the best hands of all - your mommy and daddy and they picked the bestest surgeon in the world. You will come through this with amazing results and we will all be there for you.

    This is your first year so everything is a first. Your first sounds, your first sights, your first hugs and kisses, waves hello and goodbye. Your first foray in your Grand Backyard. Your first smile in the morning.

    Can't wait to take you places and see your face glow with delight. What shall it be? South Street Seaport? A Broadway play? A ride on the Staten Island Ferry or dinner in Chinatown? How about an afternoon at American Girl? The entire world is ahead of you and you will see and hear every bit of it.

    We all want to be part of it with you,

    Hugs and kisses galore,


  5. Dear Hannah,
    Though I still haven't met you in person... I feel like I've already given you a thousand hugs! The meaning of Hannah is "He (God) has favored me." And you have been favored sweet one... with an entire army of people who love you and are rooting for you.
    One more thing: When you grow up, one day, many days from now: I want you to know how much your mommy adores you. How much she cherishes you. All the days of care and work and nurture, she does without question and without fear. Your mommy loves you. We all do.


  6. Dear Hannah,

    Although we haven't seen each other since our first Summer at the Lake I think of you always.
    Most specifically you always pop into my mind when I hear a song or any ol' music that your Dad and Mom enjoy. I imagine you joining us on the dance floor and shaking your lil' groove thing with big smiles while all of your tall friends groove and smile right back at ya!
    Today I am as excited to read your Mommy's note as well as all of the sweet messages from your awesome family and friends. You have a spectacular world of beautiful people.
    Forever you stay amongst my prayers. I will be sure to send some extra special good energy to you on your big day!
    May the love that fills your world on February 29, 2012 stay with you and continue to radiate through your awesome smile always.

    Shooting Stars & Cotton Candy Smiles,
    Much love from your bud,