Friday, October 21, 2011

Clarke School

Hannah is a busy girl. She is now going to The Clarke School for more sessions. She sees Jen every Tuesday and Friday at 8:30 for a half hour private therapy session. Like The Center, Hannah works hard at discovering sounds and using her little voice to make requests. The session starts with a Hello song. Hannah just loves this. Jen works with Hannah on the Lings Sounds, those six sounds that lie within the speech spectrum of hearing. Jen will present Hannah with toys that represent each of the sound so an airplane represent the aaah sound, a cupcake or ice cream cone the mmm sound, a monkey for the eee sound and a rattle for Hannah to SHHake for the shhh sound. Jen will start by saying the sound, wait for Hannah to notice the sound and then show Hannah the appropriate toy.
We also attend a Friday morning parent/infant group with Hannah every Friday morning from 9-10. The group consists of a total of seven families with children who have some degree of hearing loss. This has been a source of so much support for all of us and getting to know the other families has been amazing.

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